Psalm 139—Its Lessons to Me
November 2, 2022

1—God studies me. He has an intimate understanding of me, inside and out.
2—He is familiar with every detail of my conduct and behavior. He not only knows what I’m thinking, but why I’m even thinking it. And He knows what my responses will be before I ever have them.
3—He knows me thoroughly—when I’m in motion and when I’m still. He gets it about me, through And through—in every situation.
4—He knows my every work, tonal inflections, all of it. He understands what I mean.
5—God protects me and keeps me secure—He calms me and claims me.
6—It is beyond me to fully understand how thoroughly He knows and understands me.
7—There is no running away from God. He pursues me and dogs my every footstep.
8—No matter how deep my valley, no matter how jubilant I am or what mountaintop I’m on, He is right there with me in all of it.
9—However scary my circumstances, however profound my experiences, He does no lose track of me or life.
10—Not only is He WITH ME, but He directs my every footfall. He holds me steady.
11—He is never in the dark about my life—He knows it all. With God, there are no secrets—ever.
12—There are no situations that escape Him—NONE! My life is a completely open book to God.
13—God fashioned me, inside and out. My whole development was safeguarded by Him.
14—I will express my full gratitude to God for all that I am and how I express myself. He is absolutely AMAZING in how He pulls everything off in exquisite detail! It is beyond any kind of human imagining.
15—I am an artistic masterpiece of God’s design. He did not consult with man when He made me—it was strictly according to His own ideas and workmanship that I came into being. Every detail was carefully sculpted, with full knowledge and understanding.
16—God had my entire creation fully journalled ahead of time—my physical make-up, my personality, my behaviors, the events of my life—He had every bit of it blueprinted in advance.
17—God’s view of me is beyond profound. He thinks of me day and night—never, ever loses sight of who I am. Never!
18—I cannot even BEGIN to count how much I am on God’s mind—it’s vast, vast, VAST. Beyond anything I could ever imagine!
19—Whoever has it in for me—God has it so fully in for them. Their existence will be terminated in my life.
20—Because it’s GOD they have issues with!
21—I absolutely do NOT tolerate those who have issues with God!!!
22—I make no room for them in my life.
23—God is welcome to fully explore me.
24—To chase down every negative thought in me and secure my eternal existence in Heaven.