When All Else Fails
26 November, 2021 

     I was going over, this morning, some verses my deceased husband had journaled on with me.  In the process, I stumbled on Psalm 103:1,6.  Here is what I wrote back when Brad was still alive and healthy (in 2019): 

“I find this a difficult passage to journal on.  Almost like I’m bored with this verse about blessing and exalting God.  I ask myself why I feel that way.  I think it’s because I have heard it sung so many times, it’s become like a cliché to me.  Strange.  Shows you how I just go on automatic pilot on something that’s supposed to be a blessing to the Lord. 

But actually, this is King David engaging in self-talk.  It’s like he’s essentially saying, “Soul, tell God some things that will be a  blessing to Him.  Maybe, just maybe, He needs some encouraging. And don’t go being half-hearted about it!  To top it all off, I will need to express some things that will take into account that He is holy – holy, not petty or superficial.  Holy.”

     Apparently, the night I entered that in my journal, I was feeling weary and half-hearted, so the verse really hit home!  So, I commanded my soul to tell God how amazing He is.  I realize when I am disappointed or let down, my spirit can still sparkle with fresh zeal in the joy of my Lord. 

     Verse 6 sounds like a shotgun going off.  Executes.  God executes righteousness and justice.  Executes – brings it swiftly to activation.  Makes it happen RIGHT NOW!  He doesn’t play games with the hearts of the oppressed.  He sees to it that they get what they are longingly counting on.  He sees to it that when we are feeling utterly down, we are rescued by His deep caring and concern. 

     I don’t think this refers to those who pity themselves or blame others. Rather, it’s about those who bear their burdens uncomplainingly and look to God to remove them from depressing circumstances.  This carries so much hope for me.  I realize that God not only doesn’t turn a blind eye to what genuinely and deeply troubles us – He takes swift, decisive action on our behalf.  That is such a relief to me!  I can refocus my sorry gaze on the Lord and lift my spirit out of the doldrums.