On Freshening My Mouth with Sweet Talk
November 26, 2021 

     I have been challenged, of late, to keep my mouth from venting negativity.  To not only avoid beholding worthless things with my eyes, but to avoid negative talk as well.  Job 35:10 and 11 tells us God gives us songs in the night. That He teaches us more than created animals.  That He makes us wiser than birds in the heavens.  And that He does not listen to empty talk.  Then neither must I engage in worthless chatter. 

     Job 34:28-33 tells us God hears us when we cry to Him out of our affliction, gives us quietness, tells us He does not indulge in hypocrisy because it ensnares people.  It tells us that He reasons with us.  In other words, our Heavenly Father has a powerfully strong interest in our conversational well-being.  I am setting my walk with the Lord in the direction of True North – committing myself to changing the nature of what comes out of my mouth.  Too often have I used my mouth for soul-ensnaring purposes.  I read in the New Testament where we are to only speak words that lift others’ spirits and add hope to their lives.  That is what I’m committing to.