Stethoscope to God’s Heart
October 22, 2021

     As I arose this morning, I found God ready and eager to meet with me!  I was going to get to my scrapbooking, but in the 2 o’clock quietness, I heard God longingly plead to come hear what He had to say.

     So, I pulled out my “Experiencing God Day-By-Day” devotional and began to read what Henry and Richard Blackaby had to say about God.  They spoke of the need to prepare our hearts to come into God’s presence – that God is holy and majestic (and sovereign) and that we cannot simply barge into His presence with a cheap, slovenly attitude.  In Exodus 19:10 and 11 of the Bible, God tells the priests to prepare for two days before coming into His presence to hear what He had to say to His people. 

     I began to realize that God took a year and a half to speak to me through my previous husband, Brad, in order to prepare me for the life He has given me now.  Then Brad, at God’s bidding, made his exit and I was firmly nudged forward into an existence I would never have dreamed of for myself.  And in this place, I am hearing God’s heartbeat as I never have before!  He put me in a state of absolute readiness to hear Him. 

   Readiness happened by prior experience.  It happened through familiarizing me with what has become my current venue.  And it prepared me by whetting my appetite for new experience. I have had to adopt the courage to believe that new ideas are actually God's heartbeats dropped into my creative years.  That then enables me to move forward into the risk of trying them out.  Thus, we – God and I – become co-creators.