Dancing With Sunbeams
October 13, 2021

I had done my morning reading in “Experiencing God Day-by-Day” – a devotional journal by Henry and Richard Blackaby. The Scripture of the day was where the curious asked Jesus, “Where are you staying?” (John 1: 38, 39).  Jesus didn’t tell them ABOUT His living arrangements. He said, “Come and see.”  He invited them to engage with Him and willingly offered to intimately open His living arrangements to them. 

I realized that’s what He’s done with me.  Before my deceased husband, Brad, came into my life, I had a hard time believing or even comprehending the magnificence of Heaven, much less believing I could ever experience it.  Brad had a large, comfortable home out in the country.  After we married, I moved into it with him.  For many of my first months there, I would walk through the house in awe, thinking, “Wow!  This is what Heaven must be like!” 

Now Brad has gone on to Heaven and I am married to Eric.  Eric’s home – where I now live – is also large and comfortable.  In addition, Eric encourages me to be creative to my heart’s content.  My life is cheery and sunny and relatively stress-free.  And I sew, study, scrapbook, paint, draw, write, and make cards.  I am absolutely amazed at how I am flourishing in that environment.

The book of Revelation says that in Eternity, the leaves of the Tree of Life will be for the healing of the nations.  I can totally relate.  I am already experiencing that right here on earth, right here in the home I share with Eric.