An Angel Sent
February 26
th, 2022 

I was in my bedroom, alone in my apartment, weeping one morning, at an early hour.  It was at a time when I was feeling the weight of an unjust event in my life.  Suddenly, there was an insistent knock on my front door.  It tugged at me to be answered, so I responded, quickly drying my tears. 

There before me stood an older woman all by herself.  Not anyone I knew.  She took one look at me, put an arm around me, and asked, “My dear, what is wrong?”  I sobbed my story into her shoulder.  She told me, “I believe I have been sent by an angel.  May I come in?”  For weeks she returned and mentored me.  Then quite unexpectedly she told me she was being called away to another assignment.  But by then I was on my feet again.  So, I know she had been a Sent One, to get me through a crisis. 

She is not the only one who has come to my rescue at a highly needful moment.  Unusual, for sure – and a stranger with unseen halo and wings, without question.  But, as in a tough moment yesterday, the angel came in the form of my kids, and on more than one occasion I have been given the privilege of viewing celestial beings, in critical periods, when my faith failed me due to a high degree of fear or stress.  But all of it serves to call into life’s storms the reality of angels’ existence.  Visitors sent to calm, reassure, and still our distressed spirits.  We are so very not alone in a universe where shifting shadows may frighten or unnerve us.  Heaven-sent messengers may arrive without fanfare as a warm, familiar presence.  Or they may come with breath-taking radiance to chase away those shadows.  But come they will, for our Creator has designed the heavens and the world for ultimate survival.  And He will go to any lengths to see to it that we arrive safely to our home eternal.